The quest for excellence

For Emanuela Novello and her husband Giovanni, who brought the winemaking company Prediomagno into existence in the area between Montemagno and Grana, the Lower Monferrato district has been a privileged location for over thirty years, with its rolling hills and a deep-rooted food and wine culture.


Nothing has been lost

The large Villa is an aristocratic home that had been abandoned for many years, but nothing has been lost. By the protection and restoration of the ancient structure, the deepest essence of the location and its most hidden secrets have been preserved.

Genius loci

In communication with the land

The Monferrato district has a powerful, determined, forthright character, but it is also discreet and reserved. In locations where nature still has the upper hand, often it is the places that choose the people.


Progressive oenology

Giovanni’s intention, shared by oenologist Riccardo Cotarella, is that the purity of the grape varieties should be reflected to perfection in the glass, and that truth to terroir is expressed by an original oenological style.


A new vision

It is one of the rarest Monferrato wines, and it is steeped in mystery. It is one of the rarest Monferrato wines, and it is steeped in mystery.


Locations and their secrets

Montemagno and Grana are two ancient hamlets providing the setting for the Prediomagno winery. They are in the Lower Asti Monferrato area, between two Unesco sites: the Crea Sacred Mountain Sanctuary (Santuario del Sacro Monte di Crea), a religious location that attracts thousands of visitors every year, and the “infernot”, ancient underground cellars excavated into the “Pietra da Cantoni” rock.



“We would like a glass of Prediomagno wine to represent the start of a journey, so that anyone sipping it would feel as if they were strolling amongst the vines, perceiving their fragrance, savouring their vitality and feeling part of them, exactly as happened to us.”

Emanuela Novello

prediomagno azienda vitivinicola
prediomagno azienda vitivinicola