Nothing has been lost

The large Villa is an aristocratic home that had been abandoned for many years, but nothing has been lost. By the protection and restoration of the ancient structure, the deepest essence of the location and its most hidden secrets have been preserved, such as the historic underground cellars transformed into the unchanging peace of the silent rows of barriques. Starting from the premises of the historic villa, the cellars were extended to a design by a wellknown local architect who devised the new spaces. A hidden structure of a thousand square metres, a technological jewel designed specifically with the intention of preserving the characteristics of the original location.
Cantina Prediomagno


Progressive oenology

Giovanni’s intention, shared by oenologist Riccardo Cotarella, is that the purity of the grape varieties should be reflected to perfection in the glass, and that truth to terroir should be expressed by an original, innovative, sophisticated oenological style, which is nonetheless harmonious and retains the location’s characteristics. The transition from traditional vine-growing to advanced oenology is a significant step forward that makes it possible to create new wines, with the objective of bringing the terroir’s purity and character untarnished into the glass.
Enologo Riccardo Cotarella | Prediomagno